Cock Spots

Tonight we wondered, "where do all the hot boys hang out on Sunday?" Oddly enough, we also wondered the same thing the previous evening, as well as the week before, and the week before that.
Wouldn't it be great if you at least had an idea where the greatest concentration of delectable specimens were guzzling their PBRs at a given time? I mean, if you're going to spend your hard-earned money in a drinking establishment, you need to get the most eye candy for the buck.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

even hot boys need groceries

* The last 10 days or so have been kind of a blur, and quite honestly much of the celebrating took place in friends' homes. I can still report with confidence that if you want to have a relaxing weeknight and quiet conversation while focusing on one or two hotties playing pool, you can never go wrong with The Abbey. The second fact is more of a revelation; Jess and I have been monitoring the Boulevard Tavern situation, and I can finally say the raysh has gone the other way! I really wanted to spend more time here, because the owner's other place went up in flames and he seems like a genuinely good person. The establishment itself is a fine place with a pool table, BBQ, and douchebag-free atmosphere...the only problem was the ratio of girls to boys, which was heavily skewed the wrong way the first few times we visited. This time, however, there were at least two by the pool table and 3 up front who warranted multiple glances, and even a swoon.

* I had to run out on New Year's Eve day (late afternoon) for laundry and a couple of quick errands. I had no makeup on and bad jeans, so of course I run into 4 hot guys at the laundromat, 2 at the ATM, and another 3 at the store. WTF??! I ended up at a "Night of a Thousand Madonna" party, which was awesome (and yes, there were cute boys). You can meet Black Lung below...he decided to go shirtless shortly after midnight:

* As far as my time in England, what can I say? I think I already mentioned that the concentration of hotness can be overwhelming at times. I was staying mostly in the Hanover neighborhood of Brighton, in the vicinity of the art school. Although there was a lot to see in hangouts such as the Arc, Hectors, Pressure Point, etc., I think the most delightful surprise was a local Sainsburys. I'm kind of a dork when it comes to grocery shopping; it's a nice distraction to everyday stress, and I can just zone out. Groceries in foreign countries are an extra special treat...even the most mundane pork pies and pickled beets have additional appeal. I guess that also goes for your neighbors strolling the aisles. My neck had a slight case of whiplash as my eyes darted from the biscuits in my hand to the ones heading towards the dairy. A couple of days later I went to check out the other grocery store on the street, just one block away (Sommerfields). It was bigger, but totally deserted. Subsequent visits to both confirmed that, not only to even hot boys have to eat, but they prefer Sainsbury's.