Cock Spots

Tonight we wondered, "where do all the hot boys hang out on Sunday?" Oddly enough, we also wondered the same thing the previous evening, as well as the week before, and the week before that.
Wouldn't it be great if you at least had an idea where the greatest concentration of delectable specimens were guzzling their PBRs at a given time? I mean, if you're going to spend your hard-earned money in a drinking establishment, you need to get the most eye candy for the buck.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Back in the Saddle!

Last Thursday (the weekend was mainly devoted to home parties) we made it to a few familiar places...we first stopped by Savalis to see a bunch of people I hadn't seen in MONTHS, and then the three of us had made a pact to go someplace we hadn't been in a while. Larry Lawrence seemed to be a good candidate. It was actually promising at first until we realized all the hot, well-dressed men didn't have eyes for us (even with Deann's cut!). Not a problem, but we were kind of confused as to when this place "turned gay."

After that we saw the Clem's sign and wondered if our old friend Jeremy was working. Sure enough he was, and there were actually a few fine faces that caught our eyes enough to stay later than we'd anticipated. I now recall that Clem's is pretty solid and dependable, and if you're lucky to see Jeremy bartending, he'll take very good care of you.